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Hello Bezlo’s mission is to empower girls through clothing!


We believe that the clothing she wears — just like the toys she plays with — can inspire her.

Many studies suggest that children’s toys have a huge impact on their future career choices. It’s come to light that the tradition of only buying building blocks for boys and fashion dolls for girls can shape how your child views “gender specific” careers. We believe that the same principle can be applied to clothing! Space-obsessed boys can easily wear their love of rocket ships on their sleeves (literally!), but girls have a much more difficult time finding fun science-inspired clothing.

Source: sparkmovement.org

And if she loves STEM, what can she wear?

If girls aren’t encouraged from a young age to play with robots or toolkits, how are they supposed to envision themselves as engineers? Similarly, imagine how disappointing it can be for girls who are interested in STEM to be faced with the same frilly pink clothing options every day, with no options to show off their interests.

Hello Bezlo designs practical, fashionable and inspiring clothes to help solve this problem. Our clothing takes inspiration from scientists, coders, engineers, mathematicians, and other inspiring careers to encourage girls to embrace their love of STEM subjects at an early age.

Let’s spark an interesting conversation.

Imagine the curiosity that can be sparked when a little girl receives a shirt or dress detailed with HTML or Java Script code. One simple print can lead to a conversation about coding and its many uses in everyday life. Our clothing is a simple but effective tool to stimulate young minds, and show them that STEM is all around us. Starting these conversations when girls are young can eventually lead them to a desire to pursue STEM subjects when they are older.

As Sally Ride, the first American woman to go to space, once said, “You can’t be what you can’t see”.

Hello Bezlo is an online shop, blog, and platform driven by our mission to empower, inspire, and educate young girls. Join us!


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