What is a Bezlo Girl?

What is a Bezlo Girl? There was no word to describe the girl we are designing for, so we had to invent one: Bezlo.

She’s not a “tomboy”. And she’s not a “girly-girl” either. These terms are deep-rooted in outdated stereotypes, and our Bezlo Girls are here to break the mold. There are so many aspects to a Bezlo girl, and this one word is meant to capture all of the qualities that make her special.

A Bezlo Girl is free-spirited, adventurous, and brave — she’s always ready to embark on a new journey. She loves to climb trees and build forts, and isn’t afraid to let her imagination run wild. You can catch her exploring the nature in our world, planting flowers, examining bugs, and observing animals from afar. She can be caught gazing at the stars, dreaming of flying in space.

She is creative, curious, and clever — she asks questions and always wants to learn more. She is interested in rocket ships, trains, and gadgets because she is completely fascinated with how they work. She is a budding scientist who performs her own experiments, and she writes her own code.

And of course, she has an amazing sense of style!

This word was created for all the girls who needed a word they can relate to. Bezlo has caught on.

Hello, world! This is Bezlo!

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