Coding 101!

Hello Bezlo is super fascinated by the world of coding and computer programming, and we love to encourage young girls to get more involved! Often a lot of parents aren’t familiar with coding and may be wary of their kids learning how to code, but we will try to break down the barrier of the unknown and introduce you to the basics of coding!

So… Bezlo girls (and Bezlo moms and dads), – welcome to Coding 101!


Coding —  a secret language!

Coding is literally the magic behind all technology — it is a secret language that tells a website, app, game or piece of software what to do. In a more detailed answer, all you need to know is that a computer can only understand two types of data: On and Off. Basically a computer is a collection of these on/off switches (known as transistors). Anything that a computer can do is simply a unique combination of some transistors turned on and some turned off.


Binary code — what’s it all about?

Binary code is the representation for these combinations in series of 1s and 0s, where each digit is one transistor. Modern computers can contain billions of transistors, which as you can imagine would mean a huge number of combinations! To write out a computer program by typing out billions of 1s and 0s would require superhuman brainpower, and probably an entire lifetime to write it. This is where coding languages come in!

Instead of writing binary code, each coding language lets us write code that is easier to read and understand. Each language comes with a special program to translate what we have written into binary code, so the computer can carry out the tasks we want it to do.


Benefits of coding!

Teaching children to code helps them to develop skills such as problem solving, creativity and communication. Kids are learning the basics of algorithms without even realizing

it. While girls may think of coding as something best left to the boys, we believe it’s important that girls are aware of all the amazing things that are powered by code. You can learn digital illustration for fashion, or make your own light up LED accessories.

To help your daughter discover the world of coding, check out local hackathon groups and coding workshops in your area. Coderdojo is a global movement of coding groups across the world, and are perfect for being introduced to the coding world! Find a group near you at


We also love these fun and easy to learn games below!

Fun online projects made with code:

Easy to learn beginners coding:

Fun resource site for kid coders:

Shop our inspiring Code t-shirt here and let the world know you can code!

Have fun and get coding!


Team Bezlo

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