Introducing the #AskMe Campaign

Who? What? Why?? How??

What do the world’s leading innovators have in common with children? They both learn by asking questions.

Here at Hello Bezlo, we love encouraging the inquisitive minds of Bezlo Girls! When children ask questions, it’s so important to nurture their thirst for knowledge, as this can lead to an increase in confidence and creativity. The more questions children ask, the more they develop their reasoning skills and become better thinkers. But what happens when we turn the tables and we ask our Bezlo Girls questions?

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You’d be surprised what these conversations can spark! As part of the initial launch of our clothing brand, we have developed 3 T-shirts designed to fuel curiosity and send our Bezlo Girls on a mission to find answers! We introduce to you the Hello Bezlo #AskMe Campaign.

We have worked closely with our designer Dag Haile to develop fun, beautiful, and educational designs that show off Bezlo Girls’ knowledge of three subjects: Space, Code, and Math.

The front of each T-shirt has a beautiful watercolour design in a palette of pastel colours, and an empowering phrase that Bezlo Girls can wear proudly: Rocket Girl, Coder Girl, and Mathematician. Here is where it gets interesting: on the back of each T-shirt, there are 3 different questions for you to ask your Bezlo Girl!

When the T-shirt arrives, Bezlo Girls can head to our website to find the answers to the questions. We have collaborated with our Role Models, who are experts in each of these fields, to develop the answers to these questions. We also have links to other sources of information and other organizations who share missions similar to ours: to empower little girls who dream BIG.

We strive to not only to be a fashion brand, but also an educational platform where Bezlo girls can learn and gain confidence. When you purchase a Hello Bezlo T-shirt from our #AskMe Campaign you can join us to inspire, empower, and educate young girls. We hope that you enjoy this wonderful way of combining fashion with learning, and we encourage you to find more questions to ask your Bezlo Girls.



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