Give the Gift of Learning this Holiday!

A girl who loves fashion and STEM? Sounds like she may be a #BezloGirl! And we have the perfect gift for her…

Hello Bezlo has launched a limited-edition collection of STEM-inspired T-shirts designed to fuel curiosity and send girls on a mission to learn. If you haven’t been introduced to our #AskMe Campaign yet, it’s time to say, “Hello!”

Our female-founded company has come up with a fun and educational way for young girls to learn about STEM –in style, of course! The front of the tee has a beautiful watercolour print with an empowering phrase that Bezlo Girls can wear proudly: Rocket Girl, Coder, or Mathematician. But here is where it gets interesting: on the back of each T-shirt, there are 3 different questions about Space, Code, or Math for you to ask your Bezlo Girl!

Founder and CEO Clodagh explains more: “When the T-shirt arrives, Bezlo Girls can head to our website to find the answers to the questions. We’ve collaborated with our trailblazing STEM Role Models who are experts in each of these fields. They’ve helped us develop the answers to these questions to make sure the information we present is accurate. We are super passionate to showcase other people and organizations who share missions similar to ours. For us, it’s all about empowering little girls to dream of big futures.”

Hello Bezlo strives to not only to be a fashion brand, but also an educational platform where Bezlo girls can learn and gain confidence. Cofounder Ivana says, “When you purchase a Hello Bezlo T-shirt from our #AskMe Campaign you’re helping us inspire, empower, and educate young girls. Our hope is that girls feel comfortable embracing their interests in STEM, and keep exploring their curiosity. We also encourage you to find more questions to ask them, so that their curiosity continues.”

To purchase a T-shirt or learn more, check out our shopThese T-shirts were produced with a limited stock, so order quickly while they last!

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