To design fun STEM-inspired clothing that inspires, educates, and empowers girls!

Not enough is being done to promote STEM subjects to young girls. As a result, women are underrepresented in STEM jobs. Although 47% of all U.S. jobs are filled by women, only 24% of women hold jobs in STEM. Although 57% of bachelors degrees are awarded to women, only 18% of computer science degrees are held by women.

Why is there a gender gap? Lack of exposure to female role models in STEM, reported low self-confidence in science and mathematics abilities, and a long-standing perception that STEM subjects are for boys are all contributing factors to this.

Hello Bezlo is here to show everyone that STEM can be fun, creative, and fascinating…and that it can bring about endless opportunities! By designing beautiful and educational STEM-inspired fashion, and by featuring positive female role models in STEM, we aim to empower young girls to nurture and celebrate their interests in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

These statistics are overwhelming. We are going to change this! 

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Clodagh Connell – Dublin/London

Irish children’s nurse turned Fashion founder. Mom to one baby Bezlo Girl.

Background and story

Inspired by my niece to create a brand that breaks free from tradition, I came up with an idea to develop a clothing range that genuinely empowers girls and teaches them about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). These are subjects that have always been traditionally targeted to boys, not girls. There is a noticeable lack of women in STEM and I truly believe that if girls were encouraged to embrace STEM from a young age, as boys are, we would see the gender gap lessen.

I can say this quite confidently as I am a classic example of a “girly-girl” who grew up missing out on the wonderful world of STEM! I only discovered coding in my twenties. I love learning how websites are built and am fascinated with how technology can merge with fashion. I often wonder if I was exposed to STEM in school if I would have become a fashion technology designer or a computer scientist…who knows?! But I am here to make sure girls who like fashion and creative subjects are not boxed as “girly-girls”. Us girly-girls can and will be much more!

You can follow me on Twitter at helloclodagh and check out my website

Ivana Lee – New York, NY

Mathematics Education Specialist x Fashion Cofounder.

Background and story

Growing up, I would have described myself as a complete “Bezlo Girl”. I was into dolls, video games, princesses, superheroes, and robots. I had always done well in school, but when I reached high school, I struggled a lot with math. After failing a math class, I challenged myself to work hard and get good grades. I ended up studying math in college and am now completely obsessed with it! I am on a mission to share my love of math with the world and to show everyone how fun it can be! Hello Bezlo’s mission of inspiring young girls to be interested in STEM subjects is near and dear to my heart, as I remember how discouraged I once felt about my mathematics abilities when I was younger. As a Hello Bezlo cofounder, I am so excited to be working with Clodagh on creating more educational designs, content, and products for Bezlo Girls all over the world!

You can follow me on Instagram at mathematicalmodels, and check out my blog at!

Dag Haile

Clothing Designer

San Francisco

Beatriz Mello



Lisa Franke

Operations Manager