Let’s give a warm Hello Bezlo “Hello!” to Masha, also known as the @codingblonde! Masha’s mission is to empower girls and women in the tech industry, so of course we just had to feature her as one of our TECH Role Models! Masha’s blog talks about different areas of technology, providing resources for women to learn more, and discusses career & life matters all under the prism of technology — after all, it’s more than just an industry; it’s a lifestyle! Let’s hear all about how Masha got interested in tech, and why she is so passionate about helping others pursue their dreams of working in tech!


Hi, Masha! Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us! Tell us, how and when did you develop your passion for coding?

I first tried coding without really realising it when I was 11 — we were studying some Visual Basic in my IT classes and I’ve developed a real passion for it. I loved the fact that I could build anything and achieve the same result using different methods!

I stopped learning and exploring that when I was 14 and moved to a boarding school in England. Then all of my energy went towards learning English (my first language is Russian) and making friends in this new environment. I started learning how to code again after I finished my Masters which has opened a whole new world of opportunities for me!


Coding sure can bring about lots of opportunities! What’s the coolest experience you’ve had throughout your coding journey?

Starting Coding Blonde! I have never coded professionally, but I’m super passionate about technology and helping others learning how to code. And I’ve found this amazing outlet by combining my knowledge of coding and a background in marketing and content creation. I’m super grateful for this journey and for the awesome community and friends I have found online.


We just love the Coding Blonde blog, Instagram, and YouTube channel! Why do you feel it is important to share your love of coding with the world?

Thank you! My goal is to make tech more accessible and break stereotypes around it. Anyone can learn how to code and I want to show that it can be lots of fun!


How do you think we can encourage more girls to learn to code and be more engaged with the technology they are using?

I never thought of Computer Science as an option for me when selecting my degree, which partially is because nobody encouraged me to do it. I think that this is the key part in this equation — encouraging and exciting girls about the opportunities that coding brings you. I mean you can build your own world using code — what’s not to be excited about?!


Role models are so important in encouraging girls to be interested in technology. Who is your role model in the world of tech?

Grace Hopper, hands down. She is such an inspiration, I’ve read a ton about her journey and made a YouTube video about her. She was a real innovator and a creative pirate who has changed the world of software forever. She is the reason why we can all learn how to code so easily!


Grace Hopper was definitely a trailblazer in the world of tech! We can definitely tribute so much of our technological advancements to her. Do you currently have a new favorite tech gadget?

Even though I geek out over new gadgets, my phone has been my all time favourite! I mean it’s so versatile and practically is my life — especially now that I live so far away from home. It’s my communication device, my watch, my organiser, my social media manager, my content creator, my best friend and my worst enemy. It’s a love-hate relationship 😉


We just love your sense of style! Does technology have any influence in what you wear?

Absolutely haha! Because I now carry my laptop everywhere I go, I’ve switched to backpacks — to distribute the weight equally on my shoulders. And once you start wearing a backpack it’s a domino effect: you stop wearing heels, start wearing comfortable clothing and generally start enjoying down-to-earth life more. My style has become very relaxed and very practical. And I think that’s the case for many people: comfort beats high fashion.


How do you balance your use of technology when it comes to work and your spare time?

It’s a constant struggle, I’m not going to lie! It’s difficult to peel yourself off a screen after you finish work — the entertainment industry makes sure of that! But living in Denver we are lucky to have a lot of outdoor activities, which helps a lot. I also like to cooking or creating things with my hands, for example painting from time to time. It’s nice to develop skills that don’t require typing.


And finally, what advice would you give to little girls who are interested in coding and technology?

Explore and have fun with it! It’s a whole world that you can build, so let your imagination run wild!


We couldn’t agree with her more! We hope that Bezlo Girls all over the world can be inspired by the work Masha is doing. You can catch Masha’s Bezlo spirit on Instagram, YouTube, and her blog, where she creates posts that explain different coding concepts, and truly lift others to pursue their dreams! Thank you, Masha, for sharing your passion with us, and for being an advocate for girls and women in tech!